I love that my kids love LEGOs. I love to watch them create new things every day. It is so much better than constantly finding them glued to my phone watching candy review videos on Youtube. If there is one thing I hate about LEGOs it is storage! I find LEGOs everywhere!! My least favorite place to find a lego is under my foot in the middle of the night on my trip to the bathroom. I know you know what I’m talking about!

I needed to find a place to sort and store all of these LEGOs. I also wanted a surface that could be designated to LEGO creation. Since the LEGOs are typically in my living room, I wanted this piece of furniture to look nice and not like a toy.

My two oldest kids are 4 and 5 years old. They do not sit in chairs well, especially when they are playing. They like to be sitting on the floor or running around like maniacs. I knew I needed something low to the ground. Something narrow so they could reach the middle. Something long so that they could play side-by-side because there was NO WAY that they would take turns. Once one of them decided to play LEGOs the other must also play LEGOs. I decided to get this narrow shelf by Better Homes and Gardens and laid it down horizontally.

There! Plenty of LEGO playing surface area.

Next I went on a search for grey LEGO base plates. I didn’t want the standard green base plates – those would look terrible in my teal painted living room. So, I bought 16 (4 packs of 4) of these dark gray LEGO base plates on Amazon. This grey looks really good on the black shelf; however, there are a million different colors of base plates on Amazon. Just make sure that you get 10” X 5” plates (or 32 dots X 16 dots).

Quick Tip: The standard size LEGO base plate works with the standard size and duplo size LEGO pieces. Use the standard size LEGO base plates even if you have duplo size blocks to ensure that the table “grows” with your child.

Use ample amounts of Krazy Glue to glue those suckers down onto the long top of the shelf. I highly recommend that you use Krazy Glue gel instead of standard Krazy Glue so that the glue doesn’t “run” into the indentations of the base plates.

There is a 2 inch lip on either end of the shelf. When you lay the base plates in between the lips it is nearly flat to the lips. Begin to lay the base plates down. You will need to cut the last base plate into equal thirds to completely cover the surface. Cutting the base plate was much easier than I anticipated. My good pair of kitchen scissors did the trick!


Finally, add any cubes into the 4 shelves for LEGO storage. Unless your kid has an obscene amount of LEGOs these 4 cubes should be sufficient storage. Any 13″ storage cube will do.

TADA! A beautifully crafted LEGO table in under an hour!

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