Author: Brianne McAtee

5 Things to do Tonight to Make Your Morning Easier

Let’s face it, getting a family out the door in the morning is a difficult (and often times unpleasant) task. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, you know what I’m talking about. If you find yourself nagging your kids to get their shoes on and always running 5 minutes 15 minutes late, this post is for you! I can’t promise that you’ll be dying to get out of your warm bed, but I can promise that doing these 5 things at night will help to make your mornings better. Preset your coffee pot If you...

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7 Step Eczema Treatment Plan

Does your kid suffer from severe eczema? It sucks to watch your kid be so uncomfortable. Rest assured, you are not alone! Eczema affects about 20% of children and 4% of adults. The good news from that statistic is that there is a chance that your child will grow out of it!!   Eczema flare ups can be caused by many different “triggers.” Every eczema patient has different triggers, such as food allergens, environmental allergens, stress, temperature changes, etc. I first discovered my oldest daughter, JL’s, eczema when she was about 6 months old. I had just finished changing...

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63 Original Stocking Stuffers for All Ages

I love stocking stuffers. I love buying them and I love receiving them. Even as a child I always saved my stocking for last because I knew that it would be stuffed with great goodies. In the toe there would be the traditional orange in the toe followed by candy and small gifts. It is the small gifts that make the stocking so fun to open. Do you know why we put an orange in the toe of Christmas stockings? Saint Nicholas heard about an old man who didn’t have enough money to marry his three daughters. Saint Nicholas...

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8 Secrets to a successful VBAC

So you had a c-section with a previous pregnancy and you are interested in VBACing. You are not alone (although sometimes it may feel like it). There are still many misconceptions surrounding VBACs. And even though they are proven to be very safe and even safer (in most cases) than a repeat c-section, many doctors still suggest that “you cannot have a vaginal birth after a c-section”. So, wait…back up. What is VBAC? VBAC stands for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section. For many years OBGYNs told their patients that it was not safe to have a vaginal birth after...

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Inside My Kid’s Lunchbox: 66 Real Food Ideas

If you pack your kid’s lunch every day for school like I do, you understand how difficult it is to come up with a variety of healthy foods that your kid will eat. You might even stare in your kitchen cabinets every night and think to yourself, “Will they eat a peanut butter sandwich for the 5th day in a row?” It’s so easy to buy prepackaged food that you find at the grocery store for the convenience even if you KNOW that is it not the healthiest option. It is packed with sugar! Making the kids’ lunches used to be a very stressful...

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