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About the Practically Parents Blog:

We are the creators behind Practically Parents, and we would like to introduce ourselves. So without further adieu, our names are Bri and Mike. First off, the blog offers some practical advice and community to parents. If you have kids, want kids, or just find them fascinating (or hilarious), then Practically Parents is for you. Actually, if you fit that description, Subscribe Now for advice and an occasional laugh. Some of our posts cover things like dealing with temper tantrums or breastfeeding advice. We also have fun lists like the funniest things we’ve heard kids say. Not to mention some great DIY articles to help you tackle things landscaping or baking cakes.

About the Parents:

Bri is a full time mom and a freelancer. Her background includes work in youth related nonprofits plus some commercial lending experience. Mike is a full time dad and a freelancer. His background includes early childhood education experience and writing with a lot of science. Together, we launched Practically Parents in November of 2016 and love it! Practically Parents is our way to share our insights and experiences as parents, so thank you again for visiting us!

We are the parents of three awesome (and challenging) kids. Therefore, both of us feel privileged to tell our stories and hear some of yours. We strive to offer the most up to date and relevant information in parenting and family life. With that in mind, we also make Practically Parents a fun and entertaining read for our audience.

About our Readers:

Our subscribers are usually parents who find joy and frustration in raising their children. That said, non-parents enjoy our posts, too. Practically Parents readers also love the community of parents and caretakers who read these blogs and share tips or stories. Keep this in mind and be sure to comment below our posts, too.

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